Smart retail

Integrate iot solutions with traditional retail formats, And according to the characteristics of the industry to transform and upgrade, Form a new retail form suitable for the current development trend, More convenient to achieve product management, Product Information Display, Consumer interaction, Self-service settlement, etc.

Existing iot technologies have the advantage of near-real-time precise identification of individual grades, Can better integrate into the current increasingly diversified marketing activities, Bring consumers more novel participation experience.

Detailed introduction

Industry characteristics:

  • Complex logistics activities

  • Due to the rapid expansion of retail enterprises, Distribution point and its unique product management strategy, They generally present a wide variety of goods, A small mass, High delivery frequency, More PeiSongDian, Rapid distribution requirements and the need to improve the information system support and other logistics distribution characteristics, Make the whole logistics activity more complicated

  • Global supply management is difficult
  • The process of economic globalization has greatly extended the distribution of supply chain in space, Global sourcing, Global sales, Global service, Multi-base collaborative production, etc, Extend the supply chain to a global scale, The corresponding logistics distribution should also be carried out globally, Logistics is increasingly complex in space.

  • Diversified service needs
  • The great extension of the logistics system, The complexity of logistics system planning makes it a domain that only experts can enter. so, With the rapid development of retail enterprises. There is specialization on utilization, Personalized logistics service, In order to improve the quality and efficiency of logistics service demand.


Industry demand

Retail warehouse intelligent robot inventory scheme:

through RFID Intelligent robot cluster inventory, Assist retail customers to update inventory distribution data in real time, Easy for users to be efficient, Accurate supply chain management.