Intelligent medical

Biko Ao's smart medical management solution based on Internet of Things technology can effectively manage medical supplies and medical data, Optimize healthcare business processes, Take control of operations, Then achieve the goal of medical information management. Smart healthcare takes advantage of basic technologies such as the Internet of things and cloud computing, So that medical conditions can be effectively improved, Not only save manpower and material resources, Effective cost savings, At the same time, it can optimize the tedious medical procedures, So that users truly realize the convenience brought by smart medical treatment.

Detailed introduction

Characteristics of medical Industry:

  • Resource management is not present

  • Lack of overall understanding of infrastructure functions and technology systems, Unbalanced planning and investment, Product iteration frequently occurs in secondary capacity expansion and transformation

  • Operation management is difficult to coordinate

  • Traditional medicine in business synergy, Management synergy and other aspects did not build synergy, Visual operating system, It is difficult to achieve efficient operation

  • Lack of evidence for management decisions

  • Mass iot terminal, Medical business, Massive data on doctor-patient behavior are scattered across different platforms, Between each other, Difficult to assist in operational decisions


Industry demand
RFID Application of technology in blood management:
More complete blood source information
through RFID coding, Find all the information about blood outflow and blood users, Blood information tracking is completed, Blood management through production RFID bags, transport, save, Every step of use is documented in the RFID The chip
RFID Internet of things technology realizes blood information sharing
through RFID System blood source information can also pass GSM The network uploads to the blood center database, So as to realize the information sharing of the whole blood transfusion process, Keep the process under control, Improve the safety and supervision of medical blood supply
Realize blood information collection/Monitoring automation
By combining traditional labels with RFID The e-label is bound in one, Use an UHF reader on each bag of blood products, Automatic positioning and inventory taking, Real-time monitoring, Make the whole process traceable, Not only ensure blood safety, It can also improve work efficiency
"Zero contact" Improve blood safety
RFID The system can allocate blood in real time, Achieve a central blood collection "Zero contact" , The risk of cross infection in the blood center is largely avoided, To ensure the safety of medical workers
Telemedicine expert platform:

Intelligent solution for medical monitoring—Full voice control through the head - mounted intelligent operating end, Free the hands of medical staff, Reduce the risk of infection, The platform synchronously records the diagnosis and treatment process, With the option to share the on-site situation in real time with remote experts and managers, First time first view of the situation. At the same time, solution platform supports function expansion and customization, Such as face recognition, Temperature detection and other functions

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