One thing one code

"One thing one code" It's actually quite simple, Is to assign a number to each product (Qr code, RFID, NFC Etc) Is the unique product identification of the carrier, Let each product have its own exclusive "Id card" , Connectivity based on Internet of Things technology, Through the machine (Mobile phone, The scanning gun, Reading and writing etc) Get awareness, Achieve various uses.

Detailed introduction

One thing one code feature:

  • The effect of one thing one code is mainly reflected in two aspects, For consumers, Each product has a QR code, You can know the product by scanning the code, Authenticity identification, Participate in activities, Safeguarding their own legitimate rights and interests, Have a better shopping experience; For business, It can better realize product traceability for enterprises, The quality control, Warehouse and logistics control, After-sales service, Supply chain traceability, Dealer inventory management, Online marketing and other functions, Solve a lot of problems.

The application list

Production system architecture diagram

Supply Chain Architecture Diagram

Overall System Architecture