EDA61K It is a high comprehensive performance, Wide range of applications, A new generation of cost-effective Android products, Using the android 9. 0 system, Professional system optimization design makes irrelevant program zero occupation, Stable and efficient, Completely solve the problem of large memory consumption of Android system, Also equipped with the latest platform octa-core 1. 8G Extreme speed processor, Can handle each task instruction easily, Supports multiple tasks to run smoothly, It is a powerful guarantee for mobile information processing, Helps customers improve business agility and reduce overall costs. The product attaches great importance to the user experience, To scan warehouses with high speed mobility requirements, Frontline employees in logistics and other industries are the target users. EDA61K Equipped with 6800mAh Super large capacity lithium ion intelligent battery guarantees the product has long 12 Hours of endurance, In addition, charging interface plug