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Service project
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Service project
The quality assurance and service provided by our company includes replacement parts, Repair parts, Fault response, On-site and remote technical guidance, Use training and other content. To provide customers with special service engineers on demand, Ability to quickly respond to customer needs using local resources, And according to the special requirements of customers to provide personalized service.
Fault recovery
The service engineer responds within the response time specified in the service standard
Customized training guidance
Installation and commissioning of customer equipment, Use and maintenance are explained in detail, To achieve customer related personnel can use and maintain the equipment independently.
Customizing inspection services
Through regular inspection, you can discover and remove potential faults in time, Effectively ensure the normal operation of customer equipment
Platform development and maintenance
It provides customized software platform maintenance, update, and data backup services for users who purchase value-added services, Ensure stable operation of customer platform
Remote guidance service
Available to users who purchase products or solutions 7*24 Hours remote support services, Ensure the normal operation of users
Wechat official account usage guide
Pay attention to our wechat enterprise official account "Biko O Intelligent Iot" . You can search the official account in wechat "Biko O Intelligent Iot" Or scan the following QR code to follow. After entering the public account, You can directly enter the keyword of the product information you want to query, Or enter your question directly, Or input" Artificial customer service" , Obtain human assistance, And I'm gonna hit Send, Can interact with customer service platform.
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