System description

Intercom service is one of the most widely used communication scheduling tools in cluster communication, Generally, it is necessary to use specially planned wireless communication frequency and special intercom bearer tools, Within a certain range of coverage, Have specificity, Regional characteristics. The company utilizes a variety of wireless access technologies (GPRS/CDMA 1x/EVDO/WCDMA/LTE/WiFi) realizedPTTCluster system, Reflects the difference with the above traditional walkie-talkie, Flexible walkback can be realized in a larger range of mobile communication network coverage, It is an extension and supplement to the function of traditional cluster communication products.

PTTThe cluster system provides voice intercom, Personnel location, Video intercom, Picture short message, Patrol more attendance and other different types of solutions. Management platform isB/SArchitectural pattern, Support web pages andAPPTwo ways to log in, You can create accounts with different access and operation permissions, Flexible scheduling management. Supports multiple network modes, Implement walkie-talkies, Law enforcement instrument, Mobile phone, Camera and other terminal and computer end, Platform multi-directional integration, Suitable for multi-level visual command and dispatch system, It can meet daily and emergency command and dispatch requirements at the same time.

PTTThe cluster system can be deployed flexibly, Powerful function, Safe and reliable, Simple operation, Real-time acquisition, Upload and store voice, video, positioning, User information and other data, And available on the platform, Computer side, The device queries data records, playback, download, Statistical analysis, Provide powerful data management support for command and dispatch, Improve scheduling efficiency.

System characteristics

l  One press is instant

Press the intercom button to quickly initiate a call, Flexible formation "one-to-one" , "one-to-many" Instant call.

l  The response was overwhelming

The group member capacity is large, Intra-group intercom members answer the call simultaneously, Improve command and dispatch efficiency.

l  Cross-domain linkage

Free territory, Distance limitation, Realize remote real-time command and dispatch.

l  Speech management

Implementation of sub-authority forced insertion speech, Multi-level permission Optional, Give priority to emergency orders.

l  Functional diversity

Provide voice, image, video, positioning, Patrol more and other functions, Meet the needs of different users.

l  Simple networking

Relying on China mobile communication network, Just addPTTServer realizablePTTCluster system.

l  Secure encryption

Platforms are free to choose end-to-end encryption, Protect user voice and video data security.


PTT The cluster system mainly consists of four parts:

u  Database system

u  Switching server

u  System management platform

u  Client software

Switching server

PTT The switching server is the main part of the cluster system, Responsible for user authentication, Group management, Online state, Session control, Voice exchange and other functions; The switch server supports a distributed architecture, Multi-center parallel processing, Increase the concurrent capacity of users by adding switching server nodes.

System management platform

PTT The management platform of the cluster system is WEB Mode of access and management, It mainly includes three platforms: Agent platform, Enterprise platform and department platform.

Client software

Computer terminal dispatching desk software mainly support Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10, MAC OS Equal operating system; Handheld class terminal support Symbian, Android, iPhone, Brew, WinCE, MTK, STM32 SCM platform.

PTTVideo control station: Be based onPTTThe system's multifunctional visual computer side scheduling system, Group call, Single call, broadcast, View and locate, Send a message, Send pictures, Video call, Video surveillance, Video call, Multimedia data query, track, Call log, Personnel patrol more and other rich features, It can provide dispatchers with convenient and all-round dispatching and command functions.

PTT Android dispatcher: Be based on PTT System of Android visual scheduling system, It has a public network intercom, Video call, Patrol sign in, Subscriber single call, Send messages and pictures, monitor, View and locate functions, It can provide users with convenient and fast functional experience.

Networking scheme

       With the steady development of network talkback, Customers in many industries gradually recognize the public network system, Especially for the information security requirements of the relatively high industry, Like public security, railway, Energy company, There is a great demand for self-build. According to customer demand, there are three self-built schemes

Public server setup

PTTThe cluster server is hosted by Bikelao in Alibaba Cloud and Telecom Room, The client connects to the Internet through a wireless network, Access server. In this solution, two equipment rooms are deployed, Database system adopts load balancing distributed architecture, Characterized by: Improve the controllability of system Dr, security, And easy to implement.

Semi-self-built model

Semi-self-built model scheme, It means to use the existing management platform of the company to set up a server to store the customer's intercom according to the customer's needs, recording, Location data. Through the company management platform, Management group, User information, Fees are consistent with the company's pricing system. This scheme has a moderate level of security, Easy to build, Low cost.

Independent deployment

PTTCluster system database andPTTServer independent deployment, It means that the system software is completely built independently in the physical room specified by the customer, Authorized account via dongle (And duration of use) , Applicable to customers with high confidentiality requirements. There are two fee models for this scheme: One is, Lump sum buyout payment; One is an annual fee.

System function

Intercom function

The intercom function isPTTCluster systems are basicFunction of, Including group call, singlecall, monitor, broadcast, Strong drawing, Kill at a distance, Forbidden call, Association group, Speech priority, SOSAlarm and other ways to use. It can meet users' daily communication needs and emergency command and dispatch communication needs.

Positioning function

The location function is used to view the user location and track, Electronic fencing can also be set up, Route marking, Distance measurement, Operations such as circle call selection, You can also customize the user icon

Video function

       The video function includes video calls, Video hands-free, Video call, Video surveillance, Video uploading, Video distribution, Audio acquisition, Picture uploading, File upload. The video call function supports one-to-one video calls, Video surveillance and video call support 32Path simultaneous

Patrol function

The patrol function is suitable for a variety of scenarios, For example, checking attendance at work, Fixed point patrol, Equipment maintenance. The establishment of electronic patrol system, Make the patrol security work more scientific and reasonable, Make the safety management more standardized, standardization, institutionalize. The manager sets up the patrol line, Set patrol points on the patrol route, Arrange shifts for patrol personnel through patrol Management Department, In the patrol area formed a guard network, The work efficiency of patrol is further improved, Reduce the work intensity of patrol personnel, Save manpower, Formed an all-round, multilevel, Efficient patrol management system.

Data communication

User recording, positioning, video, picture, Online records and other data can be stored in the server, Query information through the dispatcher software or the management background. Users can also play recordings online, Video and other recording. If the user has long-term storage needs, You can download the record to save it locally, Or select the Save to local option when using

Scheme advantage

Business model

Uphold openness, cooperation, competition, Win-win business model, Self-innovation drives market development, Create products that meet market needs.

After-sales guarantee

Provide for customers 7*24 Hourly after-sales service, Professional technical support, One-stop solution, Let the customer use at ease.

Multi-category terminal

Domestic adaptation80%Professional brand terminal, 20Multiple terminal classes, Multiple scenarios can be realized, multi-category, Multi-brand integration communication.

Cover a wide area

Make full use of the wide coverage of the wireless broadband network of the operator, High bandwidth, Features of mobility, The communication distance is well solved, User capacity and dedicated frequency issues, Flexible walkback can be realized in a larger range of mobile network coverage.